What does Eating Well mean to you?

I assume that you landed here because you also like to eat well (or are at least thinking about it-which is great! We all have to be thinking about it or new to it at some point, unless we were lucky enough to be raised that way). Thank you for returning or if you are stopping by for the first time, I hope that you come back often as I have some great things in store for you.

I started this post to share a really tasty recipe that I came across in Fitness magazine and make regularly; which I will get to at a later post, now that this one evolved to a post on Eating Well. I love to eat well and have surrounded myself with people that like to eat well. Though as I typed the words eating well, I started thinking about what that means. I realized that the definition of eating well really is different for different people. So I decided to Google Search and I found this Food & Wine article , which does a great job of providing some different view points.

Some people would define it as eating high end, gourmet foods all the time. Some would say it is eating preservative free, natural foods. Others may say that it has to be Non-GMO, gluten free or vegan or all of the above! My 12 year old daughter said, “it is eating regularly and enough, but not too much. If people have the food that they need to survive”. If my stomach/brain could follow that thinking, I would be 10 lbs. lighter and not be so obsessed with food! Maybe she is trying to brainwash me so that we don’t need to seek out every food establishment when we travel…

I feel as if eating well is a balancing act. It is being mindful of what you eat and the impact that food has on you and the environment. I admire the people who have the willpower to eat well, ALL of the time! I surely try to, but when I pass a bakery or we are traveling to an area where there is a bakery that gets rave reviews, I’m stopping! I will likely regret it and pay the price later if they do not have whole grain selections. I am driven by food and love to eat. That is why I make food that I feel qualifies as “eating well” (by my definition) versus a full blown, high fat, refined grain, preservative laden food.

I would love to hear your comments and what your definition of eating well is!

Have a great weekend!



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