Why Avocadough and avocado?

Why Avocadough (noun \ˌä-və-ˈkä-(ˌ)dō, ˌa-\)  you may ask?

Because hands down, the dough is my favorite part to eat. Can you relate? Of course, I do not encourage and advise against eating raw dough, due to concerns with food borne illness. It is also the natural progression from the raw ingredients, including avocado, to the end result-cookies! IMG_0113

My love of dough started as far back as I can remember. I recall my Mother in our kitchen after I had gone to bed, making chocolate chip cookie dough with the Nestle Toll House back of the bag recipe (that was her go-to and mine for many years as well). I can not recall if I really would have to go to the bathroom or would fake it as an excuse to go through the kitchen. I would always sneak a scoop of dough on my way back through to my room, I can remember rolling it up into a ball, taking small bites and savoring it. Oh…nostalgia! As an adult and mother, as I type that, all I can think is, I ate that and then went to bed without brushing my teeth! I can still remember, clear as day (probably because she still has them!), her Tupperware™ nesting mixing bowls with handles-one orange, one dark brown and one avocado green.

Why avocado in baked goods? Well, they are full of nutrients and healthy fats! With heart disease being the number one cause of death in the United States and my family history, I felt that creating a product that was heart healthier made sense. Not just for me, but for many people. Avocados contain no cholesterol and Oleic Acid, a Monounsaturated fat, which has been shown to reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol. Avocados are a better option than butter with all of the saturated fat and cholesterol it contains.

Here are some of the health benefits of avocados: high levels of potassium help regulate blood pressure, 1 cup of avocado provides 23% of the Daily Value of Folate, a B Vitamin commonly known as Folic Acid. Studies have shown diets rich in Folate helps lower risk of stroke and risk of birth defects, carotenoid antioxidants which research shows lessen risk of certain cancers and they are the richest fruit (Yes, it is a fruit!) source of phytosterols, which aid in lowering cholesterol. I will continue to highlight the benefits of avocado and provide some recipes and neat ways to utilize it via social media and my blog posts in the future.

Have a great day!