Another light recipe for you to try!

I apologize that there has been a delay between posts but here is a recipe for you to try. I have been making this recipe for years. It is great any time of the year but the summer months and into fall is when I really like to prepare it. With the abundance of fresh. local vegetables, it seems to be the perfect time to make it.

The original recipe from Cooking Light, can be found here.  Here are the changes that I have made to the recipe: 

-Use Reduced Fat Pepper Jack Cheese instead of Monterey Jack Cheese.

-Use White Whole Wheat Flour instead of All Purpose Flour.

-I prefer to cook fresh potatoes myself, versus the packaged potatoes but sometimes time (or the lack of!) dictates if I buy packaged or prep my own. If I buy packaged, I buy just the potatoes with no onion. This is simply based on the preference of my family.

-Omit the Bell Pepper. This is also a preference thing for my family, I have made it with the pepper as well and it tastes great. The reason that I use Pepper Jack is to make up in the flavor department for the lack of the peppers.

-I also prefer to freshly slice my own mushrooms as I typically have mushrooms on-hand. The same applies here though, it is a matter of available time.

-I like to use Heirloom tomatoes when they are in season and I also cut the tomatoes fairly thick as I like the punch of flavor that they provide. I also cut enough tomato to fully cover the top versus purchasing a certain amount of tomato and evenly spacing it. I just keep cutting up tomatoes until the top is covered! Again, a preference thing.


When preparing, I put the potatoes in the pan first and cook them a few minutes prior to adding the zucchini. Otherwise, the potatoes are a bit too firm.

You can add in other vegetables or make substitutions based on what you have on-hand. I have used asparagus and spinach.

This recipe make a large amount. There are always left-overs, so a few servings of breakfast, lunch or dinner is set for the week! I also cut up in portions and freeze the leftovers sometimes. It defrosts and reheats fairly well. After freezing, it is a little watery when re-heated but still very good.

I cook it in a 13 X 9 pan. It does not fit in a pie type of dish, as the Cooking Light photo shows it.



Enjoy and have a great day! If you give it a try, please leave a comment and let me know what you think or any substitutions or additions that you made.

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