Our Commitment to Your Health



Along with the dietary changes Our Founder Tracie made, she also began reading labels more carefully. She knew that she did not want to feed herself or her family something if it contained hydrogenated oils, had ingredients that you can not pronounce, food dyes or preservatives. The same holds true for the ingredients used in “Avocadough”. We have sourced ingredients that we (and you) can pronounce and feel good about putting in your body.

“Natural” is not defined or regulated by the FDA. The FDA website does address the meaning of ‘natural’ here.  By our own standards as well as the FDA terminology, our products are “Natural”. You can feel good knowing that if the label says “Avocadough”, it does not contain hydrogenated oils, preservatives, added colors, artificial flavors or synthetic substances so it meets the FDA sites terminology.  With this in mind, we do consider “Avocadough” products All Natural.

We use predominantly Organic ingredients but we are not certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), so we do not label our products as Organic.

Some of the brands we use are:



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