Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Sustainability and the Environment

We care about the environment and hope you do too. With this in mind, we make every effort to use sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and Non-GMO products that keep the environment in mind as well. Our delivery vehicle is a hybrid which gets approximately 44mpg when zipping around the city to deliver and approx. 41mpg on the highway!

We use, Spectrum Organics All Vegetable Shortening which contains Palm Oil that is sustainably harvested; Certified by the Roundtable on Certified Palm Oil (RSPO).  It is also Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO verified and Non-Hydrogenated, which means it is Trans Fat Free!

We also use, Wholesome Sweetenerswhich are sustainably grown, Organic and Fairtrade Certified. Our extracts are made by Simply Organic.

Our cacao nibs and raisins, from Tierra Farm are Certified Organic, Fair Trade Non-GMO and they generate their electricity from solar panels and run their delivery vehicles on biodiesel. Tierra Farm is also located in Our Founder Tracie’s hometown!

Our small cookies, single medium cookies and large cookies are packaged in Nature Flex™ Cello bags which are certified Biodegradable, Compostable and made Carbon Zero. They are made of wood cellulose fibers that are sourced with sustainable forestry principles. 

Medium cookie 2 packs are packaged in a Genpak container that is made from a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled plastic and is PET #1, so it is recyclable.

We use Distant Village colored twine made from Manila Hemp Fibers and Recycled Paper. Distant Village products are sustainable and made by Fair Trade Artisans in Remote Villages around the world.

Our t-shirts are Bayside® 100% USA Certified Organic Cotton. The shirt is 100% Made in the USA-from the cotton growing in the ground to you!

*The links above will all bring you to the corresponding company’s site and information on their initiatives.